April 2016

Binx and McCallister‘s puppies, Lincoln & Luna. One boy and one girl. Luna has a Haggerty spot, which is the dark spot of hair on top of her head. According to the Boston Terrier Club of America, dogs with this special marking are descendents of one of the original lines of Boston terriers owned by the Haggerty family in the early 1900s. Highly respected Boston terrier breeder and judge Vincent Perry called this mark “the kiss of God” and considered it a lovely addition to a dog’s markings.

Both puppies went to homes here in Indiana. They actually both went to homes that already had a Boston from us! Lincoln joined Tate “Tater Tot”. Luna joined a family with a puppy from Bella and Bently.

image1 2

Tater Tot is on the left, Lincoln is on the right. The big guy in the middle is Santa 😉