Our Pets

At Bossy Bostons, our dogs are part of our family. We have been breeding Boston Terriers since 2001 in Northeast Indiana. We are excited to share photos and more info about our pets that we have raised inside our loving home.


Bossy’s All American Champion-Clyde

Clyde! Clyde came to us when he was 2. His birthday is Valentine’s Day! Maybe that is why he is so sweet? He gets along with everyone here and is a great addition to the Bossy Boston family. Clyde has the nickname ‘Clyde-Hopkins’ because he jumps around like a bunny. Oh! And, he loves HUGS!

Sophie’s Brilliant Sapphire

Sophie Sapphire is now retired and loving it! She loves to wait for the mailman, although she does not love the mailman. She is very obedient and won 1st place in 4-H dog obedience 3 years in a row! Obedience events are where dogs perform a series of exercises ranging from following basic commands, like sit, stay … Continue reading Sophie’s Brilliant Sapphire

Bossy Binx I B the Future of Sunwood (Retired)

Binx was named after Jar Jar Binx, and she lives up to her namesake! She is very calm, quiet, and gets along with everyone. She LOVES her chew toys. Bostons can be tough on their chew toys, so we make sure to buy tough ones!

Bossy Ely-its Sir Knight McCallister

McCallister loves water and bath time, and is obsessed with playing ball. He loves to give kisses ALL THE TIME! He also thinks he is a human and will cover himself with the blanket.

Bossy Ely-its Struttin It Frisky

Elyot loves squirrels and likes to hold hands. He was shown in 4-H dog obedience, however Elyot is a little more “free spirited” and only follows commands when he wants to.  He is incredibly affectionate, which isn’t a surprise since for more than 100 years Bostons have been bred to enjoy the company of people, making them ideal for … Continue reading Bossy Ely-its Struttin It Frisky

Over the Rainbow Bridge

The Bossy Bostons started in 2001 with a sire named Chance of a Lifetime II, and a Dam named Little Miss Mighty Maggie. Chance was a Sunwood which is a champion bloodline.  We had CJ’s Bossy Bently from Chance and Maggie’s Little Blossoming Bella from Maggie. These pets are all no longer with us, but always in … Continue reading Over the Rainbow Bridge

Bossy’s Noble Neo

Little Neo has come a long way to join the Bossy Boston’s! Neo was born in Croatia. At 6 months old he made the 25 hour trip to the United States. He was brought to us by a wonderful nanny who specializes in making special deliveries like Neo. Neo has a super sweet disposition. He’s … Continue reading Bossy’s Noble Neo