Harper’s 1st Litter

Great news! Harper had her very first litter of puppies. They are doing amazing so we decided to go ahead and post them. They were born Sunday morning. We wanted to watch them for a couple days and make sure everyone was healthy. These guys have thrived so well. There are 4 girls and 1 boy. I know the request for more information is going to start flooding in so I want to post a couple reminders.

  1. You have to call! (I will do better about answering now that things have calmed down.)
  2. Once you call we will set up a visit and go over our puppy contract.
  3. The deposit can be sent prior to visitation if necessary.

Everyone is doing very well. Harper is great new mommy. Here are a few photos. We will start to post videos and more pictures on our pages as they grow. Thank you everyone for you kind words, thoughts, and prayers.

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