Be aware of scam!

Be aware! We were notified of this scam tonight. We are located in Indiana not California. Unless under very specific circumstances, we only take deposits in person at the time of visit. We DO NOT sell on Craigslist!

5 thoughts on “Be aware of scam!

  1. Isolina Sanchez says:

    They told me they were in Indiana and dented me a dog because of it🙈🙈🙈

    Isolina M Sanchez-Doan, PhD

    Do no harm Forgive much Be of good Cheer Never Assume Expect the best in others



  2. Cheryl Manor says:

    Thanks for the up date. I have been looking for a new B/T girl and rand across a site in PA. Had a beautiful dog that was just what I was looking for! BUT their had another litter coming soon so they would discount 50 percent, was up on its medical record. I ask if we could pick her up . I know it was a all day run , but would do that for betterment of the puppy. No they would fly it to me no charge ???., all I need was give them my credit card. I asked how they could sell a puppy for 50 percent off + vet bill and ship for free. Guess what no answer to my questions. I do believe it was a scam also. They have my money and I have nothing.


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