Puppies!!!!!! (Have found homes)

We have two more pups! Binx had a litter of one male and one female last Sunday morning. She was even able to free whelp with no c-section! We are super proud of her. Oh yes, we are proud of McCallister too. He did a good job in his assistance ;-). Since it is the holiday season, we have decided to call them Clark and Ellen. (Bonus points if you can name the movie!) PS: just a reminder that you MUST call. I will not respond to comments or messages.


2 thoughts on “Puppies!!!!!! (Have found homes)

  1. Beth Leibrick says:

    Christmas Vacation!! How cute 🙂

    With Warm Regards,

    Beth Leibrick Certified Lifecycle Capacity Consultant Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute



  2. Isolina Sanchez says:

    I am so interesting in the little girl.

    Isolina M Sanchez-Doan, PhD

    Do no harm Forgive much Be of good Cheer Never Assume Expect the best in others



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