New Pup ***Spoken for***


We have received many many many phone calls, e-mails, and messages about pups. We have finally had ONE male pup. We are calling him Snortin’ Norton. He’s a little, chunky, quiet guy. Snortin’ Norton is actually already a week old but we have had a crazy scary week! So, I’m sorry for the delay.

Our week: Last Saturday evening shortly after Snortin’ Norton’s arrival Pippin became severely ill. She was excessively drooling, labored breathing, acting like she was choking if you put even the smallest piece of food in her mouth (even after taking it out), and her eye’s couldn’t focus. Theses symptoms initially were not too severe and the episode lasted about 10 minutes. Pippin slept through the night and then in the morning we tried to see if she would eat. The symptoms again worsened when we did so. We immediately took her to the vet. The vet did several x-rays of her head and spine to make sure she didn’t have some underlying trauma (eye ticking). He gave Pippin some fluids, medications, and sent us on our way. Sunday evening she started coming back around a little. She ate and seemed like she was improving. Sunday night she had an episode again. Monday afternoon she still had no signs of improvement so we took her to the vet again. We waited several hours and waiting for her to get better. NOTHING. We finally made the decision late Monday evening to take her to the Northeast Indiana Vet Emergency Hospital. The waiting was awful. With Covid-19 we weren’t able to be with Pip during her stay. The doctors there assessed her and did a full blood workup. They requested she stay over night for observation. The next afternoon the doctor called us and said Pippin had showed a little improvement. Her eyes were focused and the drooling had stopped. They sent us home with a handful of medications to see how she would do. We still have no real answer as to what caused any of it, only that there must have been some kind of infection due to her white blood cell count being low and a fever. Last night is the first night Pippin has been 100% herself!! We are very thankful for her recovery!


Anyway, back to Snortin’ Norton… His parents are Baylee Bleu and Neo. Unfortunately with Covid-19 things will have to go a little different than normal. We will have to forego the first initial visit that we require prior to picking the pup up. We will have to substitute the visit with a video chat or FaceTime. Parents and their descriptions are all on this site. Also, due to having someone in the house who has a compromised immune system, we may not allow anyone in our home in 7 weeks at the time of pick-up either. We will keep in communication as the time gets closer. Snortin’ Norton will be 8 weeks old ON July 4th!

3 thoughts on “New Pup ***Spoken for***

  1. Isolina Sanchez says:

    Good morning♥️ Wonderful News… Love him♥️ Let me know.. will fill out forms 618-581-1353

    Isolina M Sanchez-Doan, PhD

    Do no harm Forgive much Be of good Cheer Never Assume Expect the best in others



  2. Tylene Smith says:


    So glad Pippin is okay now! I know how hard the waiting must have been. She is so blessed to have you taking care of her. Please give her some extra cuddles from me.

    Snortin’ is adorable and you will find the perfect home for him.

    Our William is still with us ( he will be 14 this summer) the Vets did not think he would make it to last Thanksgiving. Being born deaf, now blind and riddled with cancer he has adjusted to our now 7 month old pup Walter Wadsworth better than we ever imagined.

    Hope one of these days we will be back on the rode and able to visit our family in Indiana.

    Take care and stay safe, Tylene

    Our boys

    Sent from my iPad


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