Patiently waiting…

Hello Followers,

We just wanted to send out an update for a future litter. I know many of you have been eagerly waiting for new pups. However, it does not look we will have any pups yet this year. Normally we can predict these events but it looks like our females have their own agendas. Which is no problems at all! We will simply wait. Thanks for watching and patiently waiting! We hope to have news soon.


Hello Bossy Boston Followers!

We know everyone is excited about possibly getting a puppy. Unfortunately, we won’t have a litter this month as originally planned. Which means the next possible litter would probably be closer to Christmas. We are sorry to disappoint, but wanted to make sure all of you that are patiently waiting were notified. We hope you are all having a great summer. Stay tuned!

🐾 The Bossy Bostons 🐾


Hello Everyone!!

We have some awesome followers. All 3 boys have homes. Thanks everyone for your interest and if you didn’t get a pup this time around stay tuned for upcoming future litters.

Avery & Pippa (Millie)

Hello Followers,

Just a little update on Pippa and Avery. As you can guess they quickly found homes and are doing quite well. They are the sweetest girls with great personalities. Both pups are going to be staying right here in Indiana!









Please Read!

Hello Everyone!


Just a heads up! If you want to inquire about a puppy or any information at all about Bossy Bostons please click the ‘Contact Us’ tab. You must contact me directly in order to get your questions answered. Phone calls are best. All of the information including personal phone number and email are located under that tab. I don’t always look at the comments on photos so your questions and concerns may not get answered in a timely matter.

Thanks for understanding,

The Boston Bostons